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CODEXIAL Neoliss 10 Micro-Peeling Cream 30ml

CODEXIAL Neoliss 10 Micro-Peeling Cream 30ml

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Codexial Neoliss Global Action Rich Cream 30ml is a smoothing, redensifying and moisturizing rich cream containing recognized active principles, which prevents and corrects signs related to skin aging.

Recommended for normal to dry skin in case of skin imperfections, irregularities and loss of radiance, sagging skin and signs of skin dryness, this cream combines:

- Glycolic acid (10%) and lactic acid (2%), highly concentrated, exfoliate the superficial layers of the skin, making it softer. These active ingredients smooth roughness, refine skin texture and also have anti-aging properties by increasing collagen synthesis.

- Hyaluronic acid (0,5%) has moisturizing and anti-aging properties thanks to the stimulation of cellular activity.

- Vitamin E is an antioxidant that prevents cutaneous aging related to the oxidation of cells.

- Glycerin is a natural moisturizing factor that retains water in the skin and improves skin comfort.

- Shea butter is a relipidant active ingredient that contributes to the restoration of the cutaneous barrier.

 Dermatologically tested.

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