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لوشن مرمم باليوريا 10% ,500 مل , من بيب

لوشن مرمم باليوريا 10% ,500 مل , من بيب

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BABE 10% Urea Repairing Lotion helps restore the hydration level of the skin, bringing an immediate sensation of comfort. Brings softness to the skin thanks to the dual action of the Urea and Soy Oil. Rapidly absorbing light texture. 10% stable Urea with a pleasing scent. Suitable for moisturising dry, wrinkly or flaking skin.

How to use

Use it daily as a body moisturiser or for those specific areas where you notice very dry, rough or peeling skin. Apply a small amount of product onto your hand and gently massage into the skin until completely absorbed.Avoid applying it directly to active flare-ups of atopic dermatitis.

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