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زيت تسمير 200 مل , من كاروت

زيت تسمير 200 مل , من كاروت

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Carrot Tan Accelerating Oil;Will Get You As Tanned As Possible And Will Allow You To Get Very Dark- Fast.

It is best used on olive skin or on fair skin that already has a base tan. It contains the natural tan accelerators L-Tyrosine and carrot oil which stimulate and support the skin's natural tanning process by giving it what it needs as it needs it when exposed to sunlight or a sunbed. This oil also contains henna, which enhances your color to a stunning deep golden hue and prolongs the life of your tan. Contains the original Carrot Sun formula, in an easy-to apply spray bottle for fast application.
Skin Type: All.

How to use

Apply to body and face. It is recommended that Carrot Sun is applied over an SPF30+ sunscreen prior to sun exposure. Carrot Sun is waterproof and can be reapplied as often as required.

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