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معجون الأسنان الأسود لتبيض الأسنان , 75 مل , من دنتاسيمو

معجون الأسنان الأسود لتبيض الأسنان , 75 مل , من دنتاسيمو

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DENTISSIMO BLACK EXTRA WHITENING T/P 75 ML ,toothpastes makes your teeth shining to brilliancy. The toothpaste effectively and safely whitens tooth enamel, polishing your teeth. Innovative combination of active natural ingredients helps to strengthen the tooth enamel, possesses unique anticaries properties and prevents the formation of dental plaque and cavities,Activated carbon is 100% natural vegetable charcoal,It absorbs odors, inhibits the growth of bacteria and ensures fresh breath, effectively protects the tooth enamel from the formation of tartar and normalizes the pH of saliva,The toothpaste gives you a long-lasting feeling of pleasant fresh breat

How to use

clean teeth twice a day. After cleaning, please, rinse the mouth with water. Do not swallow.

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