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معجون أسنان للأطفال 2-6 سنة, 50 مل , من دنتيسيمو

معجون أسنان للأطفال 2-6 سنة, 50 مل , من دنتيسيمو

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DENTISSIMO KIDS T/P-GEL 2-6 YEARS 50ML , toothpaste with natural ingredients for kids' teeth ( 2-6 years )its prevents caries, strengthens and revitalizes tooth enamel. Due to the presence of calcium and vitamins it strengthens the teeth and protects sensitive gum tissue. Pleasant caramel flavor of the toothpaste helps your child to follow daily oral hygiene. Toothpaste for kids helps not only to prevent cavities, but to strengthen the enamel and make kids' teeth strong and healthy.

How to use

1.Apply a small amount of Dentissimo Junior 2-6 Toothpaste Kids on the Dentissimo Junior 2-6 Toothbrush;
2.Gently sweep back and forth along the upper and lower jaw for 3 minutes;
3.Spit out the toothpaste and rinse with water

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