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شامبو علاج القشرة لإعادة التوازن , 200 مل , من دوكراي

شامبو علاج القشرة لإعادة التوازن , 200 مل , من دوكراي

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Rebalancing Treatment Shampoo For Scalps With Dry And Thick Dandruff , Sometimes Accompanied By Intense Itchings.
It removes and promotes the elimination of dry and thick dandruffs plates thanks to salicylic acid, it reinforces the skin barrier thanks to Vederine that boosts physiological balance of hair scalp, it soothes from the first application the itching sensations thanks to Celastrol, it limits dandruff plates thickening and also their reappearance thanks to Ichtyol that re-balances the cell renewal.

How to use

1.Apply to damp hair and gently massage into scalp. Thoroughly rinse your scalp and hair.
2.Reapply your shampoo and leave on for 2-3 minutes.
3.After a few minutes of waiting, rinse thoroughly.

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