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مقشر ومنقي للبشرة, 100 مل من يوسيرين

مقشر ومنقي للبشرة, 100 مل من يوسيرين

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This exfoliating cream is used weekly as part of a cleansing, smoothing and skincare routine. Its oil-free formula, rich in lactic acid, removes impurities at its source without drying out the skin. Formulated with pore-soothing particles that gently exfoliate without damaging it. For visibly smooth skin, More shiny and smooth.
An oil-free skin scrub that contains lactic acid that removes impurities without drying the skin. Suitable for face and body, natural micro-particle exfoliation works on dead skin cells - one of the main causes of blackheads and spots - and gently cleanses the skin and removes makeup.
Pores are opened, impurities and blackheads are reduced and the skin texture is visibly smooth and refined.
The product is specially formulated for oily and blemish-prone skin that is not subject to medication and can be used during pregnancy.

How to use

Use the scrub once a week, or more frequently if needed, instead of the Cleansing Gel
Wet your face and/or body
Apply product to your hands (use an amount about the size of a hazel nut)
Gently massage onto face and/or body
Rinse thoroughly

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