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ماسك فيلر هيدرا, 20 مل , من فيلورجا

ماسك فيلر هيدرا, 20 مل , من فيلورجا

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With the 15-minute Hydra-Filler Mask, which has the second-skin effect of a serum, you can expect hydrated, visibly plumped skin.
Hydration twice as much [Flash + Power]
Hyaluronic acid and Natural Moisturizer Factors (NMFs)-infused masks saturate the face with moisture for a potent hydra-plumping effect.
Immediately produces beautiful skin.
Aloe vera, a superplant rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, revitalizes the skin to bring back its brightness and youthfulness.
Skin-like fiber technology is an innovative technology that perfectly conforms to the contours of the face to increase the formula's potency.

How to use

1-Open the sachet, unfold the mask and gently remove the protective mesh.
2-Place the mask onto the cleansed face. Leave it to work for 15 minutes.
3-Ensure excess serum is absorbed by massaging with the fingertips. Do not rinse.
4-Repeat the application once or twice a week.

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