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لوشن الجسم نيوتون 100 مل , من ايزيس

لوشن الجسم نيوتون 100 مل , من ايزيس

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Suitable for all types of body hyperpigmentation including sensitive areas (bikini, armpits). Neotone Body intensively nourishes the skin whilst exfoliating the superficial layers of the skin to eliminate existing brown spots and preventing their reoccurence. Containing the innovative DEPI-ACT complex, it acts on each stage of melanogenesis and imitates the mechanism that causes lighter skin on our palms and heels.

Suitable for all types of hyperpigmentation (Melasma, PIH, Lentigo).

Depigmenting efficacy after 1 month: -91% brown spots intensity.

How to use

Use Neotone Body daily and apply to areas where dark spots are present. Is suitable for use in sensitive areas such as the underarms and bikini line.

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