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جل علاج التصبغات فيتيسكين هيدروجل, 50 مل , من ايزيس

جل علاج التصبغات فيتيسكين هيدروجل, 50 مل , من ايزيس

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ISIS PHARMA VITISKIN HYDROGEL 50ML,gel for skin with pigmentation deficiency. The association of active ingredients in the formula helps to the repigmentation of the skin. The gel texture penetrates easily and optimizes the absorption of active ingredients. MAIN INGREDIENTS PROPERTIES SOD (superoxide dismutase): decreases free radicals and restores the antioxidant balance COPPER + ZINC: Re-balance persons deficiency, catalyse the SOD and enhance the tyrosinase activity VITAMIN B12: Re-balance persons deficiency and favorises the regulation of the melanin synthesis CALCIUM PANTHOTENATE (vit B5): Re-balance persons deficiency and is a precursor of the melanin synthesis

How to use

Apply VITISKIN® twice a day (morning and evening) to the affected areas (face and body) during 10 to 14 weeks or as directed by your dermatologist or healthcare professional. Can be used after you daily skincare (essences and toners).

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