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Ch Alpha Plus Liquid Collagen 30 Vial

Ch Alpha Plus Liquid Collagen 30 Vial

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Ch Alpha Plus Contains Joints Collagen That Stimulates Cartilage Cells To Build Collagen In Cartilage.

CH-Alpha Plus contains liquid collagen (Forte Gel), which is the only collagen for joints that stimulates cartilage cells to build collagen in cartilage and thus rebuild the eroded cartilage between the joints of the body and stop its demolition in addition to its rapid absorption due to the small size of its particles and its unaffected Stomach enzymes which enhance the utilization of the full dose. It also contains rosehip extract, which acts as an anti-inflammatory, and reduces the need for analgesics. It also contains: Vitamin C and selenium, which scientists consider an anti-inflammatory as well, and helps stimulate collagen building. And vitamin D with its many benefits in the absorption of calcium, building bones and muscles, and enhancing nerve impulses in the body.


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