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Chromitron 30 Capsule, For Weight Control

Chromitron 30 Capsule, For Weight Control

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Aminoacid Niacin Complex Is A Nutritional Supplement With High Bioavailability

CHROMOTRON aminoacid Niacin complex is a nutritional supplement with high bioavailability that contains the glucose tolerence factors glutamic acid ,Glycin ,Cysteine and niacin for improving the body’s response to insulin and creating more favorable blood level profile.

Chromium absorption has been shown to be considerably high in the presence of aminoacids and ascorbic acid.

Chromium may potentiate the action of insulin either by affecting insulin dependent functions directly or increasing sensetivity of these pathways to insulin or through a combination of both .Rasearches have implicated Chromium in blood sugar profile maintainance.

How to use

1-2 Capsules daily 30 minutes Before Breakfast or as the physician prescribed.

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