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Deleboo Raspberry Multivitamin, Zinc And Iodine 90 Beans

Deleboo Raspberry Multivitamin, Zinc And Iodine 90 Beans

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Deleboo, Food Supplement, Multivitamin Beans With Zinc ; Iodine, Raspberry Flavor

Contain Zinc which is a crucial element in Body Well-being and functions particularly the Immune System.
Contain Iodine which plays a vital role in the thyroid health and during Pregnancy. Also works towards healthy cognitive functions.
The second-Generation form of Food supplements and Multivitamins for Adults and Kids. Beans/Chews not Gummies.
Contain antioxidants that support good health, eyesight, and helping you stay on top form every day.
Vitamin A and C contribute to healthy skin, Vitamin D is there to maintain bones and teeth.
The Beans are also formulated with Biotin, which not only supports psychological functions, but it also contributes towards healthy skin, hair and nails.
Richer Taste, Better Form, Unchanging appearance, and Better Quality.

How to use

Children 4 years and older : 3 Beans Daily. * Adults : 6 Beans daily. * Take a few hours before or after taking other medications or natural health products.

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