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Dentissimo Fresh Breath Mouthwash 250Ml

Dentissimo Fresh Breath Mouthwash 250Ml

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DENTISSIMO FRESH BREATH M/W 250ML , Mouthwash neutralizes mouth odors,protects teeth & gums, promoting fresh breath, It has antibacterial, anti-caries and toothache-soothing effects, organic Fragrance Ingredients give a long-lasting feeling of pleasant fresh breath,helps cell renewal of oral mucosa, helps to control halitosis,Elettaria Cardamomum oil is well known for its aromatic and refreshing properties, along with Mentha Piperita Oil helps to maintain fresh breath for a long time.

How to use

1.Brush your teeht with Dentissimo toothpaste;
2.Rinse your mouth for about 30 second with 20 ml Dentissimo Fresh Breath Mouthwash;
3.Do not swallow the mouthwash

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