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Dentissimo Gum Protection Mouthwash 200Ml

Dentissimo Gum Protection Mouthwash 200Ml

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DENTISSIMO GUM PROTECTION M/W 200ML, mouthwash is daily tender care of gums and oral cavity, The mouthwash effectively stops gum bleeding, prevents caries formation,periodontitis and stomatitis because its natural herbal extracts provide anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and recovering effects in the oral cavity,it provides lasting fresh breath,This mouthwash is recommended for sensitive gums.

How to use

1.Brush your teeht with Dentissimo toothpaste;
2.Rinse your mouth for about 30 second with 20 ml Dentissimo Fresh Breath Mouthwash;
3.Do not swallow the mouthwash

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