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Hyalogic HA Moisture Mask

Hyalogic HA Moisture Mask

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This reviving, relaxing Hyalogic® HA Moisture Mask is a cloth sheet, with premium Hyaluronic Acid. It moisturizes your skin and supports a youthful glow. This refreshing and contour fitting mask helps support proper moisture which can help lessen the appearance of blemish marks and fine line wrinkles.

Top aestheticians will often stretch plastic wrap over facial treatments to force-feed skin and to prevent product evaporation.

How to use

1) Use once or twice weekly. 2) After cleansing, open pouch, remove pre-moistened mask, and unfold. 3) Press gently with finger-tips to spread evenly over face. 4) Relax for 15-20 minutes, then remove mask.

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