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Isis Pharma Xerolan Emollient Spray 150Ml

Isis Pharma Xerolan Emollient Spray 150Ml

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ISIS PHARMA XEROLAN EMOLLIENT SPRAY, spray for Irritated and damaged skin,Long-lasting hydration / biomimetic action with the skin. Its composition is similar to that of the lipids present in the surface layer of the epidermis,n spray contains a unique ingredient that is 100% natural: ultra-purified lanolin,Praised since ancient times for its exceptional emollient and restorative properties, lanolin provides the skin with all the essential ingredients it needs to repair and hydrate itself.Thanks to its spray format which makes application very easy and hygienic, you can cover hard-to-reach areas. It is also perfect for calming redness on your baby’s behind.

How to use

Use Xerolan in areas that need relief as frequently as needed.

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