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Josweet Sucralose Syrup-250Ml

Josweet Sucralose Syrup-250Ml

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A Completely Calorie-Free, Diabetic Safe Sweetener.

Josweet sweetener available in two forms (Drop - syrup)
Completely calorie free.
It has no side effects and is safe for all groups and ages.
Josweet sweetener is safe for diabetics, and does not affect the insulin level in the blood.
It is used as a sweetener for sweets in various forms, hot and cold, and for the preparation of sweets, chocolate, ice cream, and all other sweets.
It has the same taste as sugar and does not give a bitter aftertaste. Josweet sweetener contains sucralose, which does not break down in the body. It does not contain saccharin and aspartame.

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