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L’ORÉAL pure mask lemon extract

L’ORÉAL pure mask lemon extract

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L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask opens and unifies lemon complexion with a combination of three types of pure clay with yuzu lemon extract that deep cleanses the complexion and leaves its radiance. It deeply cleanses pores and provides a fresh look. The creamy mixture leaves the complexion pure for a matte finish. L'Oreal face mask contains 3 types of pure clay: Kaolin: a pure natural clay of high effectiveness to get rid of impurities and excess fat. Montmorillonite: A pure clay rich in minerals known to remove impurities. Ghassoul: A pure, concentrated clay with minerals that restores freshness to the skin. In addition, it is fortified with black coal to completely get rid of dirt and impurities.


Caution: When purchasing skin care products, consideration must be given to using products suitable for the skin type, whether dry, mixed or oily, and if the skin is sensitive or normal, because the use of a product that is not suitable for the skin type may cause undesirable effects on the skin and in the absence of knowing the type of skin or the appropriate product We recommend consulting your pharmacist before purchasing products.

Note: the package shape may change from the one in the image due to the constant updates from the manufacturer, as well as the country of origin may change because there is more than one factory for the company in several countries around the world.

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