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Nature Essential Jalea Real 250Ml

Nature Essential Jalea Real 250Ml

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Helps To Open The Appetite And Support The Immunity Of Children

A food supplement containing royal jelly, which helps children improve their appetite and increase their resistance to diseases. It also contains vitamin A: helps to grow and resist inflammation, and is very important for eyes, skin and bones, Vitamin B: These vitamins are very important for growth and improving the functioning of the nervous system, Vitamin C: helps increase the absorption of iron and other vitamins and is an anti-oxidant Vitamin D: is very important for the strength of the bones and teeth and increases the absorption of calcium and phosphorous. Vitamin E: helps the formation of red blood cells. It also contains folic acid and propolis, which is considered an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and an inhibitor of virus reproduction and is resistant to oxidation, and taurine is an important amino acid in the manufacture of brain cells and nerves and increases mental activity.
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