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Sebamed INTIMATE WASH 15-50 AGE 200ML

Sebamed INTIMATE WASH 15-50 AGE 200ML

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Soap and alkali-free SEBAMED Intimate Wash on the purifying effect of natural organic tensides for ages 15-50. PH 3,8 supports the natural protection of the skin and mucous membrane of the intimate area against pathogenic microorganisms and ensures a natural balance of microflora. Aloe barabensis activates the moisture content of the skin. Alpha bisabolol in chamomile soothes the skin and has an antibacterial property. PEG substances and alcohol-free. The product has been gynecologically tested. Specially developed for the daily care of the intimate area of the female and the prophylaxis of infections. Suitable for both menstruation and pregnancy. Tested allergy-friendly quality. Also suitable for very sensitive skin.

Directions: Moisturise the skin. Dose the washing agent on your hand and apply to the intimate area. Wash gently and then rinse with plenty of water. 

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