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Sundown Magnesium 250 Mg 100 Tablet

Sundown Magnesium 250 Mg 100 Tablet

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Supports Energy Production, Tissue Repair And Muscle Cramp Relief.

Magnesium is critical to over 300 important chemical reactions in your body. Magnesium supports energy production, tissue repair and muscle cramp relief. Adequate magnesium intake is needed to support the contraction and relaxation of muscles and helps with leg cramps. Leg cramps can occur occasionally among adults with inadequate intake. This supplement may benefit athletes and those who lead active lifestyles. Magnesium regulates the transport and absorption of calcium in your body, which leads to strong bones, teeth and joints. Magnesium is involved in every stage of the digestive process, from saliva to stomach acid production. Magnesium also draws water into your intestines, stimulating bowel activity to alleviate occasional constipation. Sundown has been delivering wellness support to families worldwide for over 40 years.


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