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Tropicana Slim Monk Fruit Sweetener 50 Sachets

Tropicana Slim Monk Fruit Sweetener 50 Sachets

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It Is Zero Calorie Sweetener Easily Blends With Any Cold And Hot Beverages.

Tropicana Slim's naturally sweet flavor will entice your taste buds with its sweet flavor. Like sugar, it has been carefully formulated so that there is no harsh aftertaste. It mixes nicely with any hot or cold beverage and has no calories. enriched with chromium picolinate, a form of the mineral that plays a crucial part in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates while also enhancing the function of the hormones insulin and glucose.
Natural sugars, namely fructose and glucose, are present in monk fruit. But, unlike with most fruits, the sweetness of monk fruit is not brought about by its inherent sugars. Instead, mogrosides, a special class of antioxidants, give it its strong sweetness. Mogrosides are removed from the freshly pressed juice during processing. Fructose and glucose are therefore absent from monk fruit sweetener.
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