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Vitatron Multimineral-Multivitamin 30 Capsules

Vitatron Multimineral-Multivitamin 30 Capsules

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Provides Body With The Factors Necessary For Optimal Physiochemical Performance.

Vitatron contains scientificaly balanced aminoacid chelates & complexes (Human Minerals) manufactured according to biotron precess, with multivitamin & synergestic components.
These compounds provide the body with the factors necessary for optimal physiochemical performance.
The biotron process of manufacturing aminoacid chelates & complexes aids in the absorption of these nutrients, to satisfy the requirements of cardiovascular, digestion, reproductive, nervous, skeletal, muscular & other essential systems.
These special minerals and trace elements chelate & complexes work in concert with essential vitamins to best meet the body requirements & aid in body’s requirements overcoming deficiencies.
By virtue of the biotron process, Vitatron is considered effective multimineral-multivitamin product.
Vitatron is suitable for adolescents as well as men & women of all ag

How to use

Take One capsule daily.

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